Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July, Hot, Hard Work

Today is the Fourth of July and it was a day filled with a lot of hard work for Clora and Don. They started building the chicken run and were digging the ditches with pickaxes in the heat. They also got the little deck built on the barn that the goat ramp will be attached to. It was an incredible amount of work on such a hot day but the frame work is all up and ready for the chicken wire to be added. Next up is the goat fencing. 

 Digging the ditches to burry the chicken wire in

 We decided to build the framework with small trees. 

 The uprights are in place

 Don taking a break from working on the cross bracing. It was hot!

 Team work!

 Working on the back side

Parting shot with all the framework up and braced. Next up will be the chicken wire but Don heads back to work tomorrow so that will have to wait. Once the chicken wire is up we will build a ramp and cut a door so the chickens can access the run from the coop. Then it is onto the goat fencing, finally!

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