Sunday, July 17, 2016

Salvaging Treasures From a Local Deconstruction

There was a really unsightly cement block building across the road from us. It is the only building that can be seen from our road other than our house and barn. It was falling apart and had become dangerous so the owner of the property decided to tear it down. She is selling a lovely house on the property and the cinderblock building decreased the value. A company called Deconstruction Works came and tore it down and Don bought the hemlock roof rafters from them. Our neighbor Tom bought the balance of the lumber to build a sauna with. 

Don told the deconstruction team that we had a spot for clean fill so they dumped all the cinderblocks in an area by our barn that we are filling in to make a bigger barnyard. It was win-win all the way around and I am so happy that this ugly building is now gone!

Don will push back the blocks and cover them with soil eventually. I imagine we will stockpile some to use for future projects.

These are the hemlock roof rafters Don purchased. He was able to purchase them for less than it costs us to cut and mill our own trees into lumber. 

 In between building a goat barn, chicken coop & outdoor run, tending 36 chickens, putting up a pool, and gathering salvaged goods, it is raspberry season so I've been busy picking and freezing berries. We are not getting as good of a berry harvest as we did last year. I'm wondering if others are finding that to be true this year as well.

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