Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Late July and A Goodbye

 The blueberries that have survived the hungry robin's beak sit ripening in the hot July sun

The raspberry bushes, like me,  seem to be slowing down in the heat and drought

Still getting plenty of raspberries to snack on fresh and freeze for later when everything is asleep under a frozen blanket of snow. 

It's been so hot I've been bringing the girls some cool treats in the afternoon like watermelon rinds, strawberry hulls and grapes. They come running when they see me with the treat bucket. They adore these cool sweet treats!

Today I said goodbye to someone I loved very much. Cancer took her from us. I went out to photograph butterflies thinking of her. I've been told that if you whisper I love you to a butterfly it will carry your message to your loved ones in heaven. I didn't need to, she already knows. Goodbye dear, beloved, friend, I always thought I would reach heaven's gates before you, I thought you were immortal somehow. I can hear you laugh when I say that. Your light and the love you showed me will forever guide my heart.

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