Friday, January 23, 2015

Signs of Spring

I really felt a desperate need for fresh air and sunshine today so I had Don take me over to the wetlands on Sand Hill Road and I was thrilled to see some bluebirds and robins. I got really chilled but seeing the birds and being in the sun made it totally worth it. 

I have a wicked ear ache tonight so I am going to use some mullein and garlic oil and see if that helps. The ringing in both ears tonight is insanely intense. I bought some Honey Gardens  Apitherapy Honey - Wild Chery Bark Syrup today for the cough that has been waking me up at 2:00 AM every night. I also bought some of their Elderberry Syrup. Not sure that either of these are a good idea with the autoimmune stuff but I am so sick of this virus that I will try anything at this point to get rid of it. I bought some zinc lozenges too. 

We were starved afterwards so we stopped at the co-op for lunch and I had chicken soup but realized after I got it that is had red peppers in it (Nightshades). I also had a gluten free scone but forgot to ask if it had dairy in it. Later on hubby was eating cheese and before i could stop myself I reached down and grabbed a hunk. So I'm not sure but these food slips may be what has my ears ringing and aching so badly tonight. Will I ever learn????

Daily Meditation:
Today is day 4 of the mantra meditation I am doing using the chant at this link: Mera Man Loche – Meditation to Heal the Wounds of Love. It is repeated 11 times for 11 days and takes about 55 min. 

For my afternoon meditation yesterday I did this one Beyond Boundaries-Meditation (English Version) It was amazing! Don was in the other room when I did it and even he said it melted him like butter.

Daily Motion:
I did the 1 hour Mera Man Loche meditation while sitting on my large exercise ball at my alter. I rolled, bounced, did the pelvic tilts on it as well as abdominal exercises while chanting. It worked out really well and I really enjoyed combining it with the chanting.

I also went for a slow leisurely walk with my Hubby at the wetlands preserve. 

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