Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Friend Returns

You may remember the little fledgling Blue Jay that literally came knocking on our door one evening this past summer. I scooped him up and put him into a nest I had woven a couple of days earlier as part of a Jude Hill - Spirit Cloth workshop on weaving. Anyway this family of Jays nested near our house but were so shy all summer I was rarely able to photograph them. The same family has been visiting our feeder all winter but they continue to be extremely shy. Except for this little guy, he sits and watches me as I photograph him and he is not shy at all around me. I think he is the little guy that I gave my woven nest to, and remarkably, I think he remembers me. Jays are, after all, Corvids and are very smart like their cousins Ravens and Crows. Both having very high human face recognition from very early ages. 

Below are some photos of the fledgling Jay that showed up on our doorstep one evening last summer

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