Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Falling in Love (Again)

Healer and Guides by Linda Marcille
The most devastating thing I think this illness took from me over the last 12 years was the ecstatic love I felt for the Divine. I remember so many times during episodes of deep illness and despair when I would call out to God and feel and hear nothing in response. I was trapped in the nightmare my own suffering and it had become so vast and concrete that it was blocking my connection with God. 

Over the last couple of years as I have been doing this amazing work with the Brazilian healer, John of God. Very deep healing is taking place in my spiritual core and blocks that I am not sure I could have ever released on my own have been released by this work. My heart is once again opening up and God's Love is pouring in and filling me with that inexplicable feeling of Divine Love. So even in moments when illness limits me and my physical body lets me down I once again have this overwhelming sense of connection with the Divine flowing throughout me. 

In the Moses Code, James Twyman says; " Calling upon the name of God joins us with the source of power that enables us to create miracles. It acts as a bridge between this world and Heaven, drawing into our lives everything we need to be happy and completely fulfilled."  Using the name of God as taught to us by Moses and Jesus, "I AM That, I AM", I am experiencing an even deeper journey into the miraculous. Nothing looks quite the same when your heart is open and the flames of Divine Love are burning brightly within you. 

Simply Falling
"There goes my heart again
All of this time I thought we were pretending
Nothing looks the same when your eyes are open
Now you’re playing these games to keep my heartbeat spinning
You show me love, you show me love
You show me everything my heart is capable of
You reshape me like butterfly origami

You have broken into my heart
This time i feel the blues have departed
Nothing can keep me away from this feeling
I know i am simply falling for you

I’m taking time to envision where your heart is
And justify why you’re gone for the moment
I tumble sometimes, looking for sunshine
And you know this is right when you look into my eyes
You show me love, you show me love
You show me everything my heart is capable of
And now I can’t break away from this fire that we started

There my heart goes again
In your arms I’m falling deeper
And there’s nothing to break me away from this" 

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