Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paint a New Picture

How do you feel? No, really, how do you really feel right now? Because the way that you feel about your present situation may very well control the outcome. When you are sick does a voice in your mind repeat over and over again " I feel awful", "I am so sick", "This sucks"? When you look in the mirror do you frown at your reflection and say "I look like shit"? If your small child was sick would you speak to him or her like that, or would you use loving, supportive words to try to uplift them and make them feel comforted? A child that feels supported, comforted and nurtured will heal much more quickly than one that is put down, and feels frightened and alone. Your subconscious mind is like a small child. It believes what you tell it, every word exactly as you speak it is registered as Gospel by your subconscious mind. There is a mountain of truth in the saying "You are what you think". So feed your mind loving and supportive thoughts. Fill your imagination with thoughts that create the results you want, not the results that you don't want. Picture yourself as an artist and allow your mind to be your canvas, paint beautiful pictures and fill the "gallery" of your mind with them. When a negative image appears on your canvas paint over it with a more positive image. These images, thoughts and words are what control the things that will become manifest in your life. 

"Your feelings are the key to drawing what you wish for into your life. Divine Energy flows in the direction that you design. If you feel that you don't have something, then it is the not having that the energy responds to. If you feel that you already have the thing that you're asking for, then God responds accordingly. Your feelings steer the wheel that guides the ship of your life into the port of your highest desire, setting the course your destiny follows to the fulfillment of your dreams."
~James F. Twyman. The Moses Code

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