Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ladybugs, Dandelions & "Wild" Flowers, OH MY!

Yesterday I sketched out a couple of new scarf templets on paper and today I transferred them onto the silk. I am going to paint these scarves with thickened dyes and no Resistad the black outlines are not resist but just thickened dyes. I am loving this series of very whimsical scarves! To me they have a bright, summery, child-like joyfulness to them.

These are the paper templets with my sketches on them

The silk has been pinned on top of the paper templets so I can trace the drawings

I am using a Conté pencil to trace the drawings because the lines wash out better than graphite pencil does

Tracing the pattern below on the the silk

Outlined the drawing with black thickened dye and started in on the ladybug. You can see the patterns from other scarves I have painted on the cloth below the scarf

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