Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 6....36 Left to Go

Making my Breakfast Juice
Well it is day 6 of my 42 day juice fast, only 36 more days to go. I was museing on Facebook that it will be fun when those number flip and I have 36 days down and only 6 left to go!  My Dr has put me on this prolonged fast in an effort to heal my autoimmune disease and get rid of the chronic Bb infection I have been battling over the last 12 years.  The juice cleanse my Dr has me doing is very similar to the one Joe Cross does in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead . You can see the trailer here: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead trailer or you can watch the movie on Hulu at this link: Watch Full Movie

I finished painting the ladybug and dandelions scarf yesterday. Today I am going to start on the "Wild" Flowers scarf. There is a lot more activity in that one so it may take a couple of days to complete. After that one is done I will steam and rinse them both together. I can't wait to see how they come out after steaming!
Dandelions and Ladybugs ready to be steamed

The ghost print of the scarf left on the cotton muslin I use to cover the table top with

Shipping out more orders from my online store Art on Silk and Paper I will be adding more items to my store as time permits so check back often.

And just because it's cute here are photos of Bilbo and Mia sharing my veggie breakfast with me. They prefer the actual carrot to the juice LOL!

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