Tuesday, April 24, 2012

11 out of top 20 and Bumble Bee Totem

Our vibrant little town of Brattleboro, VT was recently voted number 11 in the “20 Best Small Towns in America” in Smithsonian Magazine's May issue. Vermont Woods Studios contacted me today and asked me if they could use one of my silk paintings of Brattleboro in their blog post today about Brattleboro receiving this honor. Check out their amazing furniture on their website. Vermont Woods Studios

After a couple of weeks of one distraction after another I finally got back to working on my Bumble Bee scarf today. For about a week now every time I go out on the deck there is a Bumble Bee that hovers right in front of me the entire time I sit there. When my sister was visiting from CT she noticed it as well. She said he was acting as my muse and showing up in my art on my silk scarves. I am a true believer in animal medicine and totems so I looked up Bumble Bee and I came across the website of Spiritual Healer Cathy Ginter Here is what she said about the Bumble Bee Totem:

"Bumble Bee: Bee is the ancient symbol of good fortune, joy and harmony. In the dream world, bee comes as a gift from Spirit. He buzzes about in order to awaken us into the moment. Alert and aware, we see that life is sweet and filled with brightness, color and light. Bee also teaches us to engage fully in our creative endeavors. The key is to focus with intention and to be single-minded in purpose. Finally, bee shows us that all life is interdependent."
I read it to my sister and our jaws just dropped. Man-oh-man that sure fits the work I am doing in my life right now, right down to my painting Bumble Bee scarves!

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