Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ghost Scarf, Painting 2 for the Work of One

When I paint a scarf with thickened dyes the scarf is pinned to a sheet of cotton muslin and all of the excess dye bleeds through to the muslin only to  be washed off eventually. This seemed like such a waste to me so I tried an experiment. In printmaking the second print you pull from a plate is called a "Ghost print" it is a weaker version of the first print but is often very interesting and can be further worked. So with that in mind I layered 2 blank scarves onto my table and pinned them down one on top of the other. After I was done painting I had a nearly complete duplicate scarf underneath the scarf that I had painted. It needed only slight touch ups and was much less work than painting a completely new scarf from scratch. Plus all of that excess dye was salvaged instead of being wasted on the drop cloth below only to be washed off.

The scarf towards the back was on top and the one towards the front of the photo was on the bottom. This "Ghost" scarf absorbed the excess dye and needed only minor touching up to complete it.

The top scarf, another scarf and the "Ghost" scarf hanging on the line before steaming.

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