Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wooo Hooo first day back in the Studio!!!!

Yesterday was an amazing day as I was able to get out some acrylic paints and actually push some paint around on paper for the first time in many months. It was an amazing feeling and I was so filled with gratitude to just be able to be doing some sort of artistic expression that involved physical involvement. I only had enough energy to do a small abstract painting but it felt like a huge accomplishment to me. 

I was so charged up I couldn't sleep last night and I am exhausted today but I am thinking of giving it another go to see if I can paint a bit more today. I have never like acrylic paint, preferring oils on canvas or dyes on silk but I have to say I really enjoyed the simplicity the acrylics on paper offered me yesterday. Cleaning up was a snap with is important until my energy levels improve more. I don't have a great selection of colors, just a odd assortment of tubes, I am not even sure where they came from but it is enough to play around with.

Here is my first non digital painting in months. Acrylic on 80Lb paper.

"Beneath the Surface"

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge others  that are suffering from debilitating inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. I am holding you in my heart and sending you compassion , love and hopes for remission today.


  1. Lisa Marsan JonesMay 18, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    I find this painting rather disturbing in an interesting way. For me, I experience it as a gash between worlds that is healing over in a not so smooth scab. Both worlds are suffering repercussions from this wound. Yet, the higher world seems to be transforming what has seeped into their world. The lower world, or we could say the physical world, is still in shock and has yet to process the scope of the wound. The lower world is in lag time. How the wound was created, I don't know, however, it feels deep to me.
    A very tender and real painting. I appreciate it.

  2. Wow Lisa, thanks for you incredibly interesting view on this painting....I really enjoyed reading it. It gives me a new perspective on the painting.

  3. So pleased that you've made it back to your studio. Wonderful news.
    I do like this painting. The sky being so bright and cheery above what can often be a grey city.
    Looking forward to more of your work now that you're on the road to recovery :) x

  4. Thanks Lindezines! That's what my hubby said he loves about it is the bright cheery yellow!