Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Studio Activity, Another Acrylic on Paper

I started a third experimental painting using acrylic on paper and so far I am not lovin these acrylic paints. Thinking of switching back to gouache or water soluble oils. The acrylic is just so plasticy and dries too fast. At least with the gouache you can blend it even after it is dry. Anyway this is a small complaint compared to the joy  I feel at being able to spend time in the studio creating again.

Feeling antsy to get back to painting on silk and screen printing some silk scarves but I don't want to push too hard and set myself back again. I seem to be on an even keel and I want to really honor my body's healing process and not push too hard....still the creative mind is bursting with impatience :~)

Here is the one I am working on now. So nice to see photos of activity in the studio after it being empty for 8  months!

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