Monday, May 30, 2011

2 Batches of Smoothies for a Hot Summer Day!

I am really falling in love with this mixed media painting trend so Sunday Don drove me to Michaels in Keene and I bought some supplies and then we went out to lunch. Today I was feeling really fatigued from the tag sale we had on Saturday and shopping yesterday so painting was out of the question. I though instead t it would be relaxing to make up a couple of batches of smoothies in the Vita Mix.

The first batch (will last 2 of us about a week) was a Green Drink that included veggies and some fruit I needed to use up. The ingredients were:
mixed spring herbs
mixed spring baby salad greens
coconut water
The coconut water make it so scrumptious but be sure it doesn't have added sugar or other added junk.

The second batch is one that has been a favorite of our for years. It is very thick almost the consistency of creamy ice cream when you eat it straight away. We eat it with a spoon fresh from the Vita Mix  and freeze leftovers which turn out more sherbert like. You need to thaw slightly before eating the frozen batch this can be done by poping it in th emicrowave for a few seconds.
All fruits are FROZEN
Mango chunks
Black and red raspberries
Plain low fat yogurt we use Stonyfield Organic
Very small amount of cranberry raspberry juice
Small amount of water...add more water if Vita Mix jams up because mix has gotten too thick.

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