Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrating Healing and Increased Mobility!!!!!

My life seems to be one celebration after another lately. Here is just a few of the things I am celebrating:

I can once again move about the house without a cane and lately I have been experimenting with not using it in the grocery store....I can always grab the cart if need be.

I can go for short walks alone around the neighborhood

I can stand for the length of time it takes to shower so the shower chair is GONE!!!!!!

I'm able to do some light house cleaning so my house is cleaner

I'm able to prepare and cook meals and have the energy to make my green drinks in my Vita Mix again!!

I am doing the laundry (even carried a small load up the stairs) freeing up more time for Don.

I am sleeping more hours during the night and have less pain at night!

I am able to do short stints in the studio playing around with acrylics and easy projects

Brain swelling is decreasing so I have less brain fog (although still have a ways to go in that department), less headaches and vision is a little better

I find that I can go out a do short activities as long as I plan to rest the next day. Two days in a row sets me back too much.

Pain is better, legs are stronger, mobility is much improved

Inflammation is improving

Hair is growing back Yay!!!!!!

Anyway this is just a short list of some of the many ways I have seen improvement since being brought before John of God and working with the healers at Sojourns. perhaps the most exciting thing is that Don got the bikes out today and I was able to take a short spin around the neighborhood. Don was so blessed to see me on the bike again!

Looking at the photos below it is easy to see the difference between now and a few months ago!

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