Thursday, May 19, 2011


Having a wee bit of a set back this morning (probably from over doing it the last 2 days), so I have decided to focus on gratitude this morning. Sometimes healing happens so slowly and in such small increments that I think we forget to look back and see were we were and where we are now. Shifting our perspective and looking at our progress from a different vantage point can remind us of  the progress we have made on our healing journey.

I was lying in bed and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I no longer need help getting in and out of the shower and a few weeks ago we removed the shower chair from the tub. Being able to take a shower when I want is a huge blessing and the shower chair made me feel so geriatric that it makes me happy every time I step in the shower and it's gone.

I no longer wake up so filled with pain that I feel like I have been sleeping on a stone pillow, instead I am able to lay in bed and meditate for a while before getting up. When I eat my jaw no longer feels like I am chewing on pebbles and I can eat things like steak and apples again! I no longer need a wheelchair, rarely need a walker and around the house I rarely need my cane. And the biggie is that I can hold a brush and paint again for short periods with less pain.

Spending the last 2 days in the studio was so wonderful. I really didn't have much energy to put into my painting projects but just going through the gestures was an awesome experience. Even though I am pretty fatigued this morning I may spend some time in the studio just putting paint on paper with no agenda. Just a light painting experience as exercise for the soul. Then I think I will rest and read some this afternoon.

Below is a painting I was playing with yesterday, I didn't finish it and am not sure I will go back to it but it was fun.

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