Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still Working on the 54 x 54 Silk Paintings for Stage Show

So I have been working on this custom order for 8 large silk paintings that will be used by an actor on stage. The four 36" x 36" paintings with words are done and now I am moving onto the 8 larger 54" x 54" ones and they are big pieces of silk in my small studio!

In the photo below I have put my sketch onto a transparency via the computer and I am using an overhead projector to transfer that sketch onto the silk.

In this photo I am touching up the sketch (This is actually a different drawing in this photo)

Below I am applying the black resist lines to the silk with a tiny air compressor. I normally work on silk paintings flat like watercolors but in this case the paintings are too large to reach into the center when laid flat.

Below the resist has been applied to the entire drawing and I am allowing it to cure before I steam it. It will be rolled in interfacing and paper and placed in a silk steamer for 2 hours to set the resist lines.


  1. These are good photos for your story and process. Good luck with the art of it, Linda.

  2. A woman with a passion! What could be more wonderful than that?