Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Five Foot Fat Baby on Silk is Resisted

Gotta love that title! Progress is going good on the nine silk paintings for the custom order. The 4 with words are done and resist has been applied to four of the nearly 5' square characters; the Monkey, Bathing Beauty, Super Hero and the Fat Baby. Today I need to work on my Taxes but if I get that finished up I am going to work on the sketch for the fifth character which is a headless guy in a Model T car. Then I will need to steam each one in the silk steamer (1½ hours for each painting) to set the resist before I can apply the dye.

The Monkey and the Fat Baby will have face holes cut out so the actor can poke his face through the hole. With the other the actors head will be above the silk painting providing the face for the characters.

Below is the sketch on paper of Fat Baby. When I put her on the silk I added polka dots to the blanket, more detail on the bottle and extra ruffles on her bonnet.

Below is Fat Baby on silk. The black resist lines have been applied and now she needs to be steamed. The  face hole will be cut out at the very end.

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