Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Studio Day! Plus a Video ;-)

After a couple of weeks of feeling truly awful I finally felt well enough and had the time to play in the studio today. Don came up to the studio when he got home and we made the silly little video below. Click the white arrow in the center of the first image to play the video.

 It was fun having Don hang out with me in the studio. He took some photos of me working and we joked around and laughed a lot.

 This is how this painting session started out. Water soluble graphite on drawing paper. 

 These are the tools I gathered to work with. I ended up using a couple of other things too, like black gesso and blue paint. 

 Just going with the flow and letting the paint fly. I ended up getting paint splattered on the floor, my face, and all over my bare feet. That's the best way to paint!

This is where I left off tonight. I imagine I will do more on it tomorrow and who knows, it may totally transform into a completely different painting. 

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