Sunday, August 21, 2016

Love the New Egg Room & Nest Boxes

 Today I sat on the water bucket in the barnyard and designed the nest boxes and new roost ladder using a 1 x 8 piece of pine as my sketchbook. Can you tell I am married to a carpenter? Lol Don promptly built the nest boxes from my pine board sketches.

 The nest boxes will be under the stairs in an alcove we will create by cutting a door in the wall between Don's workshop and the chicken coop. The stairs are in the main part of the barn where Don's workshop is and the coop is on the other side of the wall.

 In the above photo Don is in his workshop and I am in the nest box room of the chicken coop. 

 The new doorway cut in the wall of the coop that leads to the "Egg room"where the nest boxes are

 Don in the "Egg room" looking into his workshop

 Don on the workshop side looking into the coop

Filling the nest boxes with shavings

Putting the top hinged door on the back of the nest boxes. The bottom door will be hinged too. 

 Checking out the nest boxes

 Looking out the chicken coop window down to the chicken run

The girls are molting and there are tons of feathers everywhere. Today when I was raking out the run and putting new bedding in the coop I couldn't resist grabbing a few. I am going to try sketching in my art journal with them using some oak gall ink. 

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