Saturday, August 20, 2016

Goat Fencing on Ledgy Land = Hard Work

 Don has been setting the corner posts for the small goat pasture by the barn. It will open up to a larger grazing area after the logger comes and does some clearing. It has been HOT so he put up an umbrella over the holes when he dug them. To make matters even more difficult our land is very ledgy with almost no topsoil in some areas. Don came up with a plan to make the corner posts stable by using rebar and cement. He drilled down into the ledge put the rebar in the ledge and into the post and then cemented it. He also ran rebar out from the sides as you will see in the photos. What a project!

 Success! The first post is cemented in.

 The braces are just a support until the cement dries

 As you can see in this second hole there is not much topsoil at this spot before you hit ledge. 

 Setting out the white line posts is a lot easier than installing all the corner posts. The tension from the electric fence requires really solid corner posts. The line posts, between corners don't need to be as solid. 

 If you look at the bottom of this post you will see how he has the rebar running out from the sides of the post in a + shape.

 Mixing the cement in the hot, hot sun!

 Shoveling the cement over the rebar

 The 3rd post had to be installed directly on the ledge. Don added a pin that goes into the ledge and up into the post and the the + of pins in the post like the other. Plus he drilled four other pins down into the ledge. The cement will be poured over all to those pins up onto the post. The wooden frame is just  a form to hold the cement and will be removed later.  

3 posts down and more to go. Looks like the weather is going to be disagreeable so not sure how much we will get done on Sunday. 

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