Friday, August 19, 2016

Garden Freebies Growing in Compost Pile (And More)

We have been so focused on building the chicken coop and goat barn, fencing in the chicken run and goat pasture etc.. that we didn't get a garden planted this year. Our compost pile saw our dilemma and came through with some broccoli, two different types of tomatoes and some spaghetti squash. I also had some horseradish root left over after making Fire Cider so I stuck that in the ground and it is growing like crazy. I made sure to keep that where it would not be too invasive.  I so love these free garden gifts that happen with cold compost piles. 

 There are tons of small cherry tomatoes ripening

 Larger tomatoes are growing in two different places

 This is just one of the areas with the cherry tomatoes. There are tons of them.

 Spagetti squash 

 In other news, I rescued this prehistoric looking grasshopper from the pool today. He was nearly a goner by the time I found him. I wonder if this is his grateful look?

 The hydrangeas looked stunning in the sun this afternoon

And these two, Niko and Bilbo, well they just looked too darn cute not to include in today's post. 

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