Monday, July 14, 2014

Raven: Cloth to Cloth Weaving

I am farther along on my Raven piece that I have been doing inspired by Jude Hill's "What if Diaries" with a focus on weave. The wings were cut out and then woven back in with thread by attaching both warp and weft threads to the cloth as if it were a loom. I used Valdani thread as the warp and the weft was eyelash yarn. The body of the raven was left cloth to add stability and stitch was added to that after the wings were woven. The bottom part that I am working on now is cloth to cloth weaving. I cut the pillow ticking along the existing  lines and used them as the warp, weaving strips of cloth between them. I absolutely love the effect. 


  1. very nice how You used the cloth. Beautiful

    1. Thank you Codiart. It is a work in progress and I have done more on it so I will post new photos today or tomorrow.