Monday, July 21, 2014

Orphans: Baby Jay & Baby Mouse

The little mouse above was in my kayak when we dragged it up from the pond the other day. His Mama ran away with all of his siblings firmly attached to her nipples as she ran. Sadly this little one fell off in the kayak when she ran. We took him into the woods to the area where we saw his Mama run off. Hopefully she will find him. 

You may recall the post where I showed the nest I had woven for Jude Hill's "Considering Weave" class? You can see the post and the nest here: Nest Post and Photos . Well tonight that nest came in handy.  

My collie, Ember,  was at the door barking at 9:00 pm and this little blue jay fledgling was on my front porch. He was literally standing on the doormat looking into our glass front door. It was adorable.  He can't fly yet so I put him in the nest I had woven and then I put the nest  out in one of my planters, snugging it down into the flowers hopping to keep him warm. 

 He really wanted to snuggle up and didn't like it when I put him down. He would cling to me and jump back up on me. It was hard to put him in the nest and leave him.

 I held him up in the air to see if he could fly and he did a lot of wing pumping but he couldn't fly yet.

He really seemed to feel secure in the nest I had woven. I certainly never knew that it would serve such a lofty purpose when I wove it.

All bedded down in the nest in the planter. Hope it makes it through the night. 


  1. Replies
    1. I could not believe it when I looked out the front door. It was dark out and just the porch light was on so at first I didn't even know what it was. He was so sweet and funny and very trusting of me. He spent the whole night in the nest I made, with his head tucked under his wing, and in the morning he took off. I can hear he parents calling in the woods this morning so I think all ended well. So blessed to have been part of his life for one night.

  2. Simply wonderful ... your heart must be full to overflowing

    1. I love that you said that Liz, because my heart is so full from this experience. I felt very connected and blessed by this pure, trusting creature last night. The fact that he came right up to the front door and just stood there really makes me feel like he was a messenger. I have been struggling so much lately I really needed this reminder that life is good.