Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three New Magazine Covers With my Silk Paintings!

I was contacted by Natural Awakenings and asked if I would allow them to use 3 of my silk paintings on their magazine covers. The three covers will be used in different geographical areas. They also wrote up a bio which will appear inside the magazine.

Below is a copy of the bio which will be printed in each of the magazines

Cover artist


Bridge at the Green
      by Linda Marcille

Linda Marcille’s paintings on silk, mostly
whimsical vignettes of rural and urban
life in New England, are meant to inspire
happy, healing emotions. All are filled
with a sense of joy and lightness.
Marcille has been drawn to the
mysterious and distinctive qualities of silk
painting, an ancient Asian art form, since
the late 1990s. “There is a serendipitous
quality to painting on silk with dyes,” she
explains. “The process never allows the
artist to be fully in control or to know
exactly the effect that will be created.”
The artist hopes that the powerful
healing force she experiences while
painting will be shared by viewers of her
work. Her own 10-year battle with an
autoimmune disease led her to found the
internationally respected Lyme Awareness
Art Project, which encourages
advanced Lyme sufferers to use creativity
as part of their healing process.
Marcille chose her studio name,
Crow House, to inspire hope, as well.
“In Native American legend, the crow
represents an omen of change and is a
shape-shifter,” she advises. “Crow medicine
encourages people to shape-shift
their old realities into their future self.”
View the artist’s portfolio at Crow and visit her blog


  1. Ahh!! This is so exciting!! I love this mag, it's chock full of wellness resources- they distribute it for free at two my favorite coffee spots in Providence! Nice going - this is terrific!

  2. Congratulations Linda. All three are really beautiful but I especially like the covered bridge. I've always found them to be so charming.

  3. Hello Linda!
    These covers are so nice!
    Silk painting is a great medium for illustration!
    Did you paint on silk for particular illustration proposes?
    I am just interested in idea of illustration of some book with silk painting.