Sunday, November 21, 2010

Email From Kentucky About my Art on Magazine Cover

I got the coolest letter today! Someone in Kentucky saw my artwork on the cover of the Natural Awakenings Magazine and she wrote me the lovely letter below. It truely is a small world!!! I guess the publisher did not notify me of all the locations where my artwork made the cover so let me know if the Natural Awakenings Magazine in your area has my artwork on the cover.

"Dear Linda,

My name is Terry. My husband Kevin and I live in Louisville, Ky.  Our daughter Allison graduated from UVM in 2008 and still lives in Burlington, VT. We visit her often and just got back from our annual fall visit last October. This year we took our recently widowed 84 year old mother Gwen to Burlington to enjoy the fall foliage and get away to rest after a very difficult September. (Her husband, my father-in-law, died on Sept. 17 and they had been married 63 years.)

Allison played tour director and drove us all over Vermont. One of the things Gwen wanted to see was covered bridges. (We counted eight on our trip and were able to drive and walk through several.) Just last week I picked up the November Louisville edition of Natural Awakenings and saw your beautiful silk painting of Bridge at the Green on its cover. It looked so much like the bridges we had seen especially the one in Woodstock, VT.  I would like to buy a print copy of this painting for my mother-in-law and wondered if it was available at Frog Hollow in Burlington that my daughter could buy and bring home to us. If not, would it be possible to buy if from your studio and have it mailed to me?
it really is a small world when so many connections happened as I picked up that magazine in a restaurant near my home. Thanks for your help and continued good wishes for your painting and art work. It is truly amazing.

Terry C"

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