Monday, October 11, 2010

Leaf Peeping Trip in My Cast

I was really down in the dumps today so Don and I took a ride and did some leaf peeping. Then he built a small ramp so that I could go out to the deck and back yard. I tried my luck at walking on the grass with the crutches and Don said I turned ghostly white and nearly fainted before I made it to the chair. Gotta get my blood back up to my brain after being laid up so long.

It was wonderful to get out into the sun and to feel the breeze. Smelling the spicy fall scents and the rustling of the leaves was sublime!


  1. i read your note as i lie here recuperating from knee surgery--i get around in a wheelchair...6 weeks more to i was delighted by your post. you go girl!

  2. dbk, I wish you a speedy recovery. I have had to keep my leg elevated above my heart for a month now and am just starting to be able to be up for short periods in the wheelchair and it is so wonderful to have some mobility back again. No one will be able to keep us down once we are out of these chairs ;~)