Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mixed Media Painting and a Smoothie to Boot

I did a mixed media painting on paper yesterday and it was a blast!!!!! So much less demanding that painting on silk and more suited to the exploratory style of painting that tends to be so healing and delightful. Don took some photos of me working on it. Just as I was taking the photos of the finished pairing we got an intense thunderstorm and the lighting in the studio got very dark and grey/blue so the color is way off on the finished painting. It is not that muddy looking. I will have to re photo it at some point.

I called today's breakfast smoothie "Summers Bounty"  it has a lot of goodies in it and may seem over the top but if you just use a small amount of each of the following ingredients it is awesome. The ginger gives it a nice little spicy bite  ;~)
1/5 a container Tofu
1/2 cup Coconut water (not coconut milk)
pineapple slice
1/2 a small lime
Kiwi 1/2
papaya slice
Kale, part of a leaf
zucchini chunk
cucumber chunk
very small amount of ginger
2 TLB Walnuts
Ground Flax seed
a handful of a spring mix that included the following:
Beet greens
Red & Green romaine
Red and green chard
Mustard greens
6 or more ice cubes

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