Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Resist Flowed onto the Silk Like Honey Today!

I love it when the resist cooperates and today it did. I was really worried about getting it to do the really small areas on this drawing but it behaved very well and for the most part it did not spread or goop up on me. We were in Maine on vacation from Thursday until Monday so I had a lot of catching up to do but I did manage to get the second drawing transferred onto the silk AND even got the resist applied!!!
In the photos above and below I am applying the resist that I have colored with black dye over the water soluble pencil drawing with a tiny air compressor. I wear a special glove on my hand to help with hand pain.

Painting on silk is done lying flat like watercolor painting and is tough on the neck and back. Looking at myself working in this photo answers my question "Why am I getting so hunchbacked?"

One silk painting hanging on the line and one drying in the stretcher. Next I will steam set the resist lines and then re-stretch them and begin applying the dyes.

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