Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pulled off Course

I was deep in the process of my new silk painting when I got pulled off course by a health set back and then company. The company was my sister from Connecticut whom I have not seen in far too long. We had a wonderful few days together and laughed a lot. She shared some childhood photos with me and I was delighted by them. I felt so sad when she left, we have become so close in the second half of our lives.

After Cindy left on Thursday Don & I then went on the First Friday Gallery Walk here in Brattleboro. The weather was awesome and there were lots of bands and street musicians playing for entertainment as well as all the wonderfully diverse art on display.
We saw this little pooch riding on the back of a motorbike with goggles on as we drove down to gallery walk on Friday.
On Saturday  we went to Brattstock. Brattleboro's version of Woodstock. It was a wonderful summer day and we sat in the shade of ancient trees in dappled sunlight enjoying the musical talents of some of Brattleboro's finest musicians. We had the dogs with us and they seemed to enjoy the outing as much as we did. I will try to upload some of the Brattstock photos tomorrow.

Monday I have 2 Doctors appointments but I am hoping after that to put some serious time into my silk paintings this week. I would like to get the resist applied and steamed by Tuesday, time will tell ;~)

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