Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Goat Hut For Upcoming Breeding

We are bringing in a buck to breed our doe so we had to install a new line fence to divide the pasture. We also built a 2nd goat shelter so the doe, Honey Bee, and the buck have one side of the paddock with shelter and Scarlet can have the other side with access to the barn. This system will also come in handy when we wean the babies in the spring. Don built it from the cut off edged of the logs we had milled here on the property. 

 The girls have already been checking out the new digs. Scarlet has never been separated from her Mama so when the buck arrives and they are separated by the line fence and in different enclosures at night I think there will be a fair amount of crying going on from Scarlet. Poor baby.

 The chickens are so well camouflaged in the woods that I had to listen for them to find them today. The Welsummer roosters have been really great at keeping watch over them.

 Getting the new cross fence set up to divide the pasture in 2

 Got the recycled tin on the roof. The middle strip is clear so the sun can shine in.

 Working in the rain the past few days to get it done in time.

 The shelter and fence are finished. Just need to put doors on the shed. 

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