Thursday, October 27, 2016

First Monarch Tea Bag Painting is Done

 A friend requested a custom order of 5 tea bag paintings with Monarch butterflies on them. I got stuck over at the barn for longer than I meant to be again this morning. The chickens water bucket was frozen and I needed to figure out a solution. Cleaning stalls and feeding a homemade mash of organic veggies took longer than I planned, mostly because there was lots of goat cuddling and conversations with chickens going on in-between chores.  Anyway by the time I got into the studio it was getting late and I was tired so I only got one of the drawings I had done over last week painted today. It was also the first real snow of the season and that was exciting.

Finished tea bag painting held up against the snowy view from my studio window. 

The drawings on the tea bags. The tags and strings have been dyed with some of my homemade walnut ink.

Tiny brush for a tiny painting

Butterfly number one is done. Now to paint the background. 

After I finished the background I sewed the tag and string back onto the tea bag.

 Painting number one out of five is done. I just have to decide how to mount it. 

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