Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Goats Have Arrived!

Well it was pretty late when our Boer goats arrived tonight so the photos and video I took are poor quality but we were excited so I wanted to recorded the event. :-) Below is a video of the girls arriving.

 The doe and doeling settled in very nicely and they really seemed to like their new digs!

 Mama's name is Three (We may change that to Thia) and her daughters name is Scarlet. They are so sweet!!!

 Don taking a break, sitting on the ramp to the goat barn, earlier today. He has worked so hard all summer to get things ready for the chickens and goats. Took on a little too much at one time but now things should settle down bit as we head into fall.

 The house across from us is for sale and has resulted in some faster than normal traffic on our road. Today we posted this sign to get them to slow down a bit ;-)

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