Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Woven Inspiration From a Walk in the Woods

I woke up with this odd but intense depression this morning and I tried 3 times to rise up out of bed  but I kept falling back and pulling the covers over my head. I tried to focus on Centering Prayer using "Abba Father" as my centering phrase and that helped to keep my mind from spiraling into the places depression likes to take us. So I just rested, practiced gratitude and centered myself through prayer and eventually I got up. My chronic fatigue was quite intense and that is likely what was causing the depression,  but I knew going for a walk in the woods would be really healing so I pushed myself out the door camera and collie in hand and set out in search of inspiration for Jude Hill's class called   "Considering Weave" from the "2014 What If Diaries" that I am taking. I felt so grateful to have this class to push me out the door with a sense of purpose.

It was a dark, cloudy day so it was not a great day for photographing in the dark woods but I will share some of the inspiration I found and even some of the weaving that I created with found objects.

 Woven  Barbed Wire and a Spider Web

 Layers of interwoven Birch Bark

 Shadow and Light Play Through the Weave of Branches Above

 The Delicate Weave of a Dragonflies Wings

Fern Fronds Woven Together

 Mushrooms Weaving themselves together as they grow, and the weave-like pattern on the top

 A nest created by a professional weaver

 The stunning woven pattern on a butterflies wings

 Pine Needles

 Roots and Rocks Woven Together

 Rocks Woven Into a Wall

Fallen Branches Woven Together by Nature

 Ember, Considering The Ferns

 At the end of my journey in the woods I saw my reflection in the glass front door and had to stop and smile at the reflection of my woven hair. 

Once I was back home I did some nature inspired weaving
Pine Needles

 Heart Stone and Pebbles

Flowers and Pebbles in a Nature Inspired Tic-Tac-Toe


  1. What a thoughtful meditation on weave ... and each picture reiterates the essential nature of it.

    1. I like that thought, The essential nature of weave..... in nature.