Monday, June 17, 2013

Eco Dye, Rust Dye, & Nature Printing

I have been collecting dyeing materials on my walks in the woods. Lichen, oak, strawberry, maple and raspberry leaves. As well as oak galls and acorns

 Oak galls on the left (After the wasps have moved out) and acorns on the right

 Lichen, oak, strawberry, maple, fern and raspberry leaves. In the cups in back oak galls and acorns. Getting ready to roll the bundle around a rusty can I found in the woods

Wrapping another bundle around a rusty can

Doing a Shibori wrap with silk oak galls and acorns 

 The first wrapped can

Bundles all wrapped

  Bundles in the pot with oak galls and acorns. I covered with water and simmered on and of or 2 days

I will post some of the results over the next couple of days

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