Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dye Mixing Box For Procion Powdered Dyes

 This is the dye mixing box I use to mix my powdered dyes. It is made from a simple plastic bin with a lid. I cut 2 holes in it for my arms and covered the edges with duct tape to soften the sharp edges. 

 I line the bottom and the back with cotton fabric and I spray it with water to dampen it so that it will catch any airborne dye powder. The fabric can be removed and washed between uses so that the dye powder does not dry out and become airborne once again.

 Once the dye powder has been mixed with the water and your spoons have been rinsed, so there is no residual dye powder on them,  it is safe to open the box

 This is a rayon shell that I am scrunch dyeing. 
The cups contain scraps of sample fabric for my dye book