Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dyeing up Some Boho, Langenlook Layers

I spent the last few days in the studio playing around with Procion Mx dyes on Rayon and Cotton. Which means I am back in the studio after many, many, many months of not being able to create. This is a very, very good sign!!!!! Man life is good when you are not being smothered by fatigue!

My fiber reactive dyeing adventure produced AMAZING results. I love the funky uneven results I was able to obtain with the low immersion dyeing and scrunching up the fabric. I have been a Dupont Dye snob for too long! Bring on the MX dyes!  The bad news is all that activity produced so much back and large joint pain I could barely walk last night and I'm still feeling it today. But it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!! So much fun being in the studio experimenting and creating again!

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