Friday, September 7, 2012

Blessing the Land & Neighbors, Foundation Poured

When we were up at the land over Labor Day weekend I took some of my John of God water and blessed the area where the foundation had been dug. I had done this back when we first bought the land, sprinkling the water and swing a blessing prayer over the old stone foundation on the land. (See photo below) Since we moved the house site slightly I decided to ask for a blessing and express my gratitude over the actual  house site. I also blessed the well and septic areas. Then I took the last few drops of John of God water that were in the cup and went out to the road and asked for a blessing for all the neighbors that lived along the road.

 Above shows me the first time I blessed the land at the old stone foundation. The land looks quite a bit different now than it did back then as you can see by the photos below. 

 The forms all set and ready for the concrete to be poured.

Seeing the foundation going up was so exciting. It is making the whole thing seem so much more real. My husband, Don, and his helpers will start framing on Monday. 

More photos on Dons Small Dog Handyman page:

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