Monday, January 23, 2012

New Spring/Summer Sketches on Paper & Silk

Went back to the drawing board today....literally! Today I was blessed with enough energy to work on some sketches for some paintings to send out to my galleries when they do the spring/summer inventory change out. There are 3 new sketches on paper that I am working on and 2 drawings that I traced onto silk last fall. The 2 on silk were meant to be fall/winter scenes but I never got them completed and am now toying with the idea of transforming them into summer paintings.

Every time I started  to think ahead to transferring the drawing to silk, applying the resist and dyes and steaming  etc I got overwhelmed. The chronic fatigue has been especially intense on this cleanse, I am told that can happen. So anyway I set my mind to just enjoy one step at a time and today it was sketching and once I gave myself that space I really enjoyed being back in the studio!

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Sketches on Silk Click to Enlarge
Sketch on Silk Click to Enlarge

Sketch on Silk Click to Enlarge

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