Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Creating with CFS: Abstract Digital Paintings from Food

Digitally Manipulated Photo of Romaine Lettuce
Well this cleanse I am on has not made an impact on my chronic fatigue as quickly as I had hoped it would and I was starting to get pretty depressed about not being able to work in the studio. Creating during bouts of oppressive fatigue or pain flares seems impossible most of the time and this cleanse diet is taking so much of my time and energy each day just preparing the juices and raw foods that there is no energy left for the studio.

Yesterday as I was washing the 4 pounds of organic produce it takes to make our daily batch of juice and I was inspired by all the beautiful veggies lining my counter top. There was a rainbow of textures and colors and I had a little burst of inspiration. I grabbed my camera and took photos of the veggies and then digitally manipulated them on my computer. Even if I didn't create anything brilliant I really enjoyed getting deeply lost in the creative process. I have missed that so much over the last couple of months. It seemed like such an appropriate subject for me to play with since healing foods have become a bit of an obsession with us while we are on this cleanse.
Digitally Manipulated Photo of a Tomato and Cucumber

Digitally Manipulated Photo of Vanilla Extract on Almond Milk
Digitally Manipulated Photo of a Garlic Bulb

Digitally Manipulated Photo of Blueberries

Digitally Manipulated Photo of an Apple

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