Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Stitching on my "Moonlit Yurt" Experimental Art Quilt

I did some more stitching on my art quilt experiment "Moonlit Yurt" last night. I love the slowness of the stitching. I am such an impatient artist and my silk paintings feed that need for immediacy because in silk painting you must work very quickly while the dyes are still wet. The slowness of working up this image using different mediums and then stitching back into it is proving to be very calming to my hyperactive mind. I find it very restful and addictive.

 I experimented with different threads and found that the old silk thread I used broke with the slightest pull but the cotton thread could be pulled tightly with no problems. The metallic thread in the moon was very thin so I doubled it and I am not sure if I am happy with that affect. In some places I fell more into embroidery type stitching so in the grass area I tried to settle into more of a pattern of stitches.
I used two different types and colors of thread in the grass the light green was the old silk thread I had hanging around and the breakage gave me fits in spots.  

The photo below shows it as it is now. Not sure where to go from here, more stitching, or what type of backing/mounting to use? 

I ordered some books and DVD's that I hope will help me learn more about quilting stitches and materials used. I posted questions on Facebook on SDA, TAFA, SPIN but I did not get much of a response at all so it looks like I need to hit the books ;~)

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