Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Art Quilt Experimentation 1st Attempt

I have been really craving creating something with more texture and more experimental than my traditional paintings on silk. I have long admired art quilts but I am by no means a sewer myself so I never really thought of going that route. However lately the pull has been so strong I decided I want to experiment with some stitches on various pieces of art cloth. I will post some photos of my first experiment in process. It clearly shows me that I need some instruction on the stitching aspect as mine is incredibly sloppy but so far I love doing it.

Last night while Don and I watched a movie I stitched away on my little painting and I found it very relaxing. I did not have a plan in mind for the stitches and that showed up in my work so for the next phase on this piece I think I will try to be a little more consistent in my stitching.

The photo below is my image before I started stitching

In the photo below I have stitched the moon, tree and part of the border outline

Still working on it but clearly need to learn more about stitching. Really enjoying fooling around with it though.

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