Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two More Paintings in My Healing Visions Series

My "Healing Visions" series of paintings was born out of my having to take a break from painting on silk for health reasons. After having my photo taken to John of God in Brazil  I started having these powerful images come through me as I sketched in my sketchbook and I intuitively felt that they were very healing. I was desperate to paint them, however, because of my illness I lacked the strength or energy to paint them in the traditional manner. After being brought before John of God I discovered that I could paint digitally on my iPad and I was totally blown away by the quality of work that can be created using only my fingertips or rounded stylus to "paint" on the iPad surface.

I consider it a huge blessing that I can finally paint these healing visions and share them with others. I also have a feeling that these images do not just belong to me and that they could be very healing for others as well. I pray these healing images bless you, I will continue to post more as they are completed.

Here are the latest 2 paintings in my "Healing Visions" series.

Farewell, The Journey Begins

Enlightened Birth

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