Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mother, Child and Angel Painting...Loss of a Child

Well I have been sick on top of sick so this post will be short. The child that sat beside me last Sunday in church was hacking away with a wet yucky cough and of course not covering her mouth. With my immune system being what it is I appeared to catch her cold which has turned into bronchitis and stirred up my restrictive airway disease. Then we got dumped on with another blizzard. UGH! I am so ready for spring.

The imagery that came through this time felt like it had a specific message for someone that lost a child. I had uncomfortable moments while working on it because I sensed a great deal of grief but I allowed it to flow out unedited and this is how it turned out. The painting style is not really my own, it felt foreign to me and that also made me slightly uncomfortable throughout the process.

It could be viewed as if the angle was delivering the child to the mother but that was not the message I felt as I was painting it. So if you have lost a child and this painting speaks to you it is my prayer that you find this image healing and that you are able to receive its message in light and love.

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