Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lymphedema, and Totem Spirits

The journey has been a rough one lately. I am averaging 4 medical appointments every week and am so worn out in between that I don't have much energy to create or do much of anything. My eyesight is getting really bad again and my cognitive issues are so bad that I can't really get any reading done. Now they are saying they think I have Lymphedema and I am going to see a specialist next week.I have been unbearably depressed and seem to have daily weeping spells which just further confirm that I made the right choice in closing my silk studio at least for now.  There are also some other medical issues that have cropped up because of the Lyme but I won't get into them all here.

I really want to get some Christmas decorations up but just have not had the energy. I am hoping that in the next couple of days we can get some decorating done. I think that will help cheer me up a bit and get into the holiday spirit.

The sketchbook I have been working on for the Sketchbook Project is due in early January so I am feeling a bit pressured to get it done. Today I put on some Christmas music and went into the studio and painted the page spread above. I called it Totem Spirits and I am so pleased with it that I may try to do an oil painting based on the gouache sketch. I was so fatigued while I was painting it that I wasn't able to put much thought into it so it really just sort of flowed out on it's own.

1 comment:

  1. Great sketchbook work, hope you're feeling less tired.
    Don't worry about the decorations it's nice to put them up just before not weeks ahead
    (or so I keep telling myself) Remember the sketchbook doesn't need to be totally filled
    Wishing you good health for the New Year