Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creating Sketchbook Project Pages while Chair-bound

This page was created with scraps of my screen printed silk and pages torn from a paperback book

Well I have been sitting in this chair for just over a week since I broke my ankle and to keep myself from going insane I have been reading , watching videos, Facebooking and working on The Sketchbook Project moleskin that I received in the mail from Art House Co-op. I made a couple of trips into the studio with the wheelchair and grabbed whatever I could fit in my lap and brought it out to the recliner in the living room where I keep my leg elevated all day.
This page is a piece of my screen printed and hand painted silk duiponi

I had planned to do a bunch of screen printed silk for my sketchbook but since the accedent is liniting my mobility I am only able to work on it sitting and need to use what is within my reach and that included tearing up an old paperback book I had just finished reading.
This page was created with one of my hand carved block prints, pages torn from a paperback book and silver and black pens

You can follow the progress of my Sketchbook Project submissions at this link: Sketchbook Project Link

My sister said the area that I have created for myself in the living-room looks like a nest and it does! I have everything within arms reach while my ankle heals. 

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  1. You are amazing! I think the way you have adjusted to your predicament is truly encouraging and I'm quite humbled to read your journey of adapting. Well done you.