Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artists Need a Left Brained Twin

After we got back from vacation on Sunday I was swamped with paperwork, emails, matting and shrink-wrapping orders for galleries, marketing, shipping Etsy orders, an inventory count, ordering supplies and all that other stuff that is not painting. I get so impatient when I get bogged down by these chores because I want to get back to the "creating" part of my job. I have always joked that all artists should be born with a left brained twin who just loved digging into all of this non-creative but very necessary stuff that comes with a career in art. Alas this is not the case with me so today I am packing up the print order I shrink-wrapped yesterday, paying bills, mounting the last 2 silk paintings I did and then photographing them so that I can make prints.


  1. Hear hear, I so agree! That is a really really funny photo and the concept is so right on...I try not to get down about all the administrative details, etc.
    But a left brained twin would be great! Or possibly a studio assistant. I'm thinking young art student...?

  2. You make me tired just listening to what all you have to do! I hope this will be my year to make the leap of faith into art! I have been dragging my feet.. but vow to procrastinate no more! I love looking at all your paintings and scarfs! Keep inspiring me to aspire to be......

  3. Thanks Laura and Mary, it boggles the mind that 75% of an art career is spent not creating art ;~)
    Mary, take the leap!!!! But try to do it in a way that you stay true to your art and don't let the pressures of production to keep gallery managers happy steal the joy of it from you. I am not always successful there.
    I hope you both will become Fans on my Facebook silk painting page: