Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creating Color Mockups in Photoshop CS4

I have been fooling around with color choices in Photoshop and for the most part I have been inporting a scanned color sketch and using the Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Chanel Mixer, and Selective Color tools but my friend Angel from Muse Silk Painting was doing some really cool things with color mock ups in Illustrator and she gave me the idea that there was a simpler way to change color in Photoshop. I started poking around in PS today I discovered the "Replace Color" Tool and it is a blast to use! Here are some simple directions on how to use it that I found on Bair Art Edition's website.

Bair Art Edition's Tutorial on:
Adjusting Color & Exposure
In Adobe Photoshop

Color Adjustment: Replace Color

If the Hue/Saturation tool isn't giving you the fine-tuned color adjustment that you desire, then you may consider using the Replace Color adjustment. This tool is not as preferred as the Hue/Saturation tool because it can't be made into an adjustment layer. If at all possible, first try using the Hue/Saturation tool and use the hue guides to fine tune what you are adjusting. If that doesn't work, do this:

Make a copy of the background layer, you will be permanently changing the file information, and don't want to do it to the background. This is done in the layers palette by dragging the background into the new layer icon. Or in the layer menu: Layer/ Duplicate Layer... Name the new layer, for example, Replace Green.

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  1. Really love your design Linda! Works so well for a scarf. Thanks for sharing this :o)

  2. Thanks Joanna, the sketch represents one half of the scarf.