Friday, November 4, 2016

Welcome to the Goat Hut

Clara, helped Don get the doors put on the goat hut. We have a buck coming in to breed Honey Bee and we needed to divide the paddock in half with electric fence.  Then we needed to build a hut for the buck and Bee to be in on one side while Scarlet is on the other side with access to her stall in the big barn.

 Welcome to the goat hut. Come on in!

 Originally we had the door on the back but I wanted it on the side to have a higher door. Don moved it but didn't make it higher :-/

 Don working on the door saddle

 Clara putting a latch on the door. Don is just a blur of activity as usual.

 Think it will hold the snow? 

 This little lady jumped up on the fence to see what all the activity was about. 

 Mama and Daughter checking out the new hut. Neither one are going to like it when they are separated,. When we separate them just to cut hooves or worm them they beat and scream and carry on. It may be a loud and long month while the buck is here lol.

 Bye for now!

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