Friday, July 17, 2015

Citra Solv Art

I just noticed it has been exactly a month since my last post. I was really struggling with health for a while but things are looking up again. I started the Byron White protocol, time will tell if it works.

Over the last few days I was finally able to get back to creating art. I did some experimenting with Citr Solv on National Geographic pages and then adding to the pages with acrylic inks, pastels, water soluble crayons, markers, stencils, stamps, plastic wrap, and some digital manipulating. Wow, is this fun! I love how serendipitous the process is. I do think I am sensitive to the orange Citra Solv though so I am going to try the lavender one. I hope it is not a strongly scented because I really am enjoying this process.

Here are a few of the images I got from the process.


  1. interesting effect but re using a chemical with fumes, I hope you are working outside on your beautiful deck!

    1. Hi Mo, Yes, I am working outside on the deck with a mask and gloves. The Citra Solv is 100% natural but has a very strong orange smell from the citrus oils. The good thing is you can do a ton of pages on one day and then bring them into the studio to add layers with things like pastels, pens, and acrylic inks over the following weeks. That way you very much limit your exposure to the Citra Solv smell to one day. Thanks for caring <3